The FINAL program is now available: You can download it here!


- Bissen, Matthew: A Personal Geography

- Caquard, Sébastien & Fiset, Jean-Pierre: Mapping Narratives with the Geoweb

- Cartwright, William: Narrative of a personal geography of warfare

- Gill, Don: Erratic Space

- Hockenberry, Matthew: Made In Modernity: Narrating Cartographies of Production

- Littman, Ariane: Re-thinking/ Re-creating a different Cartography

- Ljungberg, Christina: Imaginary Spaces – Visualizing Time Travel in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five

- Joliveau Thierry, Mazagol Pierre-Olivier & Caquard Sébastien: Cinemaps, typologies and functions of maps in movies

- Mennis, Jeremy & Mason Michael: Cartographic Narratives and the Social and Geographic Experiences of Adolescent Substance Use

- Mitchell, Peta  & Jane Stadler: The Cultural Atlas of Australia: Mediated Spaces in Theatre, Film, and Literature

- Piatti, Barbara: Dreams, Longings, Memories – Visualising the Dimension of Projected Spaces in Fiction

- Reuschel, Anne-Kathrin: Mapping Fictional Routes

- Russo Patrizia, Arzu Coltekin, Susan Thieme & Natalia Hedges: The migration story of a Kyrgyz family father – a mixed media approach

- Simon Katrina: World/Map/Eye – I/Map/World

- Skupin, André: A Pictorial Transect of the United States [in Attribute Space]

- Straumann, Ralph: Online photo repositories as vehicles of narratives: Stories about Zurich

- Tuffery, Christophe: Archaeology of the geographical imaginary of Julien Gracq : the underside of maps of “Le rivage des Syrtes”

- Vaughan, Laurene: Telling Place: narratives of an unknown city

- Watson, Chris: Hyper real and narrative maps

- Wood, Jeremy: Personal Cartography

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